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At ValleyGold, we are focused on equipping kids with the knowledge and skills of Technology which will help them add profit to themselves and the world at large.
We will achieve this with technologically facilitated learning, with programming as our major tool. We offer the following courses

  • Block Programming
  • Software Programming
  • Hardware Programming
  • Graphics
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“It only takes a Spark 💡 to bring forth that Tech genius in him/her”


Team ROOKIE (4-6 year)

Team rookie will only be introduced to the conceptual fundamentals of science and technology. They will have hands on learning experience only in block programming.

They will be taught and tasked to make games that are educative; games which will improve their arithmetic and logical reasoning.

Special attention will be given to ensure they make the best out of the program.

Team Passion (7-13years)

Team passion will be offered Block Programming, Software Programming, Hardware Programming and Graphics.

The core focus for them will be that at the end, they should be familiar with their stack and be able to come up with one or two projects at their level.

Team Fiery (14-20years)

Team fiery will be offered Software Programming, Hardware Programming and Graphics. They will be tasked with real life challenges so as to encourage them to come up with useful real-life solutions through tech.

Special attention will be given to them to ensure they also find a way to create some form of value from what they are learning. This value will include financial, economic and social values.

Age Groups

Working within your age group enhances team work. This is one of our major strategies to enhance the learning experience. To this effect, we shall be having 3 major age teams which offer all the 4 courses (excluding the Team Rookie).

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Meet Our Instructors


Ocholi Francis

Mobile Developer

Eko Uko Onaji

Block programming instructor

Dickson Emmanuel

Program Manager

Onah Samuel Adak'ole

Hardware Instructor

Blessing Okpe Ocheme

Software Facilitator